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About the brand Israel intiative
Every brand carries meaning. The role of a logo is to capture the essence of that meaning and visually convey the message that the brand wishes to get across. The new brand identity for the State of Israel was designed to express the idea of Creative Energy – a worthy challenge that led us to the realization that, in order to communicate creative energy, we need to demonstrate it through actualization. Or, in other words, to rewrite the rules.
The result is an innovative, dynamic and versatile system for the creation of an (almost) infinite number of logos for brand Israel. A system that lets anyone express their creativity by designing their own unique logo, choosing from a selection of original typefaces 
that were designed exclusively for the Israel brand. Merged together, these unique letter combinations form something bigger than a logo – they form a shared identity.
We invite you to take part in the creation of a logo for Israel and express your unique creative energy.